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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

You might not instantly recognise the three letters NLP, however, Neuro Linguistic Programming, as it is also known, is actually a hugely powerful and beneficial tool for those who are looking to change their own behavioural patterns and power up their personal development too.

But what is it and why is it such a powerful tool to have at your disposal? I think it is about time we learnt some more about NLP and what it can do for you.

What is NLP?

As I have already mentioned, the letters NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is a method that can be used to teach your mind its own language, a user manual which helps you better understand your own self to understanding what your unconscious mind is trying to say.  

How does it work?

So, how exactly does NLP work? Essentially, it helps your brain to change thoughts and behaviours which will push them forwards towards goals, aims and missions that they want to achieve in their life. It is not a form of hypnotherapy, a common misconception of this approach, instead during the session the practitioner will detect any unconscious bias that your brain may lean towards.

By discovering the way that your brain currently thinks of things, those who are trained in NLP can help you to make changes which will unlock other paths that your brain could take. This may be through anchoring (turning sensory experiences into triggers for emotional states), rapport (the practitioner will match physical behaviours, which will help with communication), swish pattern (changing thought patterns to come to a desired outcome) visual/kinesthetic dissociation (taking negative thoughts and feelings that are associated with a past event).

What aspects of life can NLP help with?

There are so many things that NLP can be used to help with.

Supporting weight loss – by looking at eating habits that could be having an impact on their weight, as well as encouraging positive thoughts regarding exercise.

Reducing anxiety – we all feel anxious from time to time, however, anxiety as a condition can have a huge effect on the life of the person suffering. NLP can help with guided imagery as well as relaxation techniques which is thought to improve those feelings that are associated with NLP.

Stopping bad habits and focusing on good ones – many of us, if not all of us have at least one bad habit. Of course, this could be something trivial, but for some people, a bad habit actually affects their life and the lives of those around them. A bad habit can be hard to break, but with NLP it is possible to get on the right path.

Boosting self esteem – are you thinking about going for a new job? Want to learn a new language or skill? Worried that you are just not going to manage it? This type of negative thought process is down to a lack of self-esteem and it can stop you from doing things in life that you want. NLP can help to turn those negative thoughts about yourself, into something positive. Which can help your self-esteem endlessly.

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